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Fall 2012 trends: Purple

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I love colour and this coming fall surely won’t let me down on that! One of the trends that are to come this autumn is an abundance of beautiful and inspiring purples. There is something delicatelly feminine about them, yet for me they also scream confidence.

So how can you incorporate them into your wardrobe?

Here are some ideas:

1. Dresses – any occasion really, from that luxurious autumn wedding to a night out with your girls*

* Match with your neon jewellery to get that show-stopping effect!

2. Shoes!

Surely there aren’t many things much cooler than that? Add a splash of yellow for a super-fun combination.

3. Paint it!

It’s not just clothes ladies! Get that purple polish out and stun with beautiful nail designs (some ideas here) or go classic-bold with purple eyes. A little disclaimer: for the eyes make sure to use cold shades of purple – otherwise you might end up looking as if somebody punched you in the eye…

4. Colour blocking: from purple jumpsuit and lavender jeans (yep, that’s your last season’s wardrobe recycled again!)  to shirts –  you name it, we love it.

5. Mix it with other trends this fall

Animal prints in colour are going to be big this autumn (more on that soon!) so why not start by combining the two trends together?

6. Last, but not least – accessorize it! Needless to say that never fails! ;)

What is going to be your purple fashion moment this autumn?

Love xx


PS. Wondering what else is going to be in? Why not check out our guide to this fall’s metallics :)

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